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Roof repair or installation can be very expensive. Aside from spending on materials, you’d also have to hire a contractor to ensure excellent roofing in NW Iowa. This is why it is imperative to make sure that the professional you choose is experienced in providing quality roofing in NW Iowa.

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Signs of Excellent Roofing in NW Iowa

Knowing how to spot professional roofing in NW Iowa can save you from stress and further expenses. Bad roofing in NW Iowa can cause structural damage and will require repair. If you know about the signs of quality roofing in NW Iowa, you can hold the contractor accountable. You’d also be able to prevent serious issues from developing if you figure out the problem as early as possible.

If you are unsure of what exceptional roofing in NW Iowa looks like, consider this list. Read on to learn how to assess whether the contractor you hired did excellent roofing in NW Iowa.

Stain-Free Roof

A roof free of stains is a clear sign of quality roofing in NW Iowa. Although there are isolated cases, blackish discoloration is often due to water leaks caused by bad roofing in NW Iowa. Some cases do not require re-roofing. But other problems can cause extensive damage and may need replacement.


Uniform Color and Size

It is easy to spot good roofing in NW Iowa by assessing whether there is uniformity in the material used. You can do this by looking for shingles with the wrong color or size. You can also look for parts of the roof that age more quickly. A contractor that provides reliable roofing in NW Iowa ensures the use of similar materials.

You can also determine if the contractor provided quality roofing in NW Iowa by comparing how the weather affects the sides of the roof. If your contractor did excellent roofing in NW Iowa, the roof should wear evenly.

Properly Installed Drip Edge

Drip edges are metal sheets that direct water to the gutter. If there is a missing part, stains, molds, and water damage are possible. Issues like these are often caused by poor roofing in NW Iowa. During installation, the edges might not have been affixed properly. You can purchase cement to repair it. But it is still best to opt for professional roofing in NW Iowa.

Sag-Free Rooflines

Rooflines ought to be straight. If you notice a curve or dip, you’d know the contractor did bad roofing in NW Iowa. Stabilizing the roof and bringing it to its original position will require professional roofing in NW Iowa, and you’d have to spend more for further roof work. To ensure excellent roofing in NW Iowa, inspect for mistakes in the framing and deck construction during the installation.

New Flashings Were Used

Flashings are used to prevent water from leaking through an angle or joint along the roof. You’d know the contractor did exceptional roofing in NW Iowa if leaking doesn’t occur after a new roof was installed.

Reusing old flashings is a sign of bad roofing in NW Iowa. Although this is not a code violation, there’s no guarantee that the nails used for the new roof will go through the holes in the old flashings. A contractor who does exceptional roofing in NW Iowa uses new flashings to avoid this problem.

Choose Harvey’s Five Star Roofing for Quality Roofing in NW Iowa

At Harvey’s Five Star Roofing, we make sure the roofing in NW Iowa our professionals provide is of top quality. Our experienced team inspects your house before proposing the best solution. We also value your time, so we ensure complete roofing in NW Iowa at the fastest time possible. When it comes to cost, we provide honest estimates and services that meet your budget requirements.

Turn to our professionals if you are looking for excellent roofing in NW Iowa. Get in touch with us today for free estimates.

Roofing Installation and Repair Done Right

roofing nw iowaWhether you’re building a new property or remodeling an existing one, a construction project can be costly. Some people opt to go the DIY route to cut down on expenses. While one can save money by doing this, sometimes it’s not the most practical option. Crucial parts of the project, such as installing a roofing system, need a professional’s skill and expertise to get the job done right the first time—and that’s what our team is here for. You trust us with your property, and we take the job seriously. For years, Harvey’s Five Star Roofing has always offered quality roofing installation and repair in the Greater Lakes and Northwest Iowa areas. We have a highly skilled team who will leave any site more beautiful than they found it. When you choose us, we’ll provide immediate solutions at rates that are within your budget. Learn more about our company and how we can help you.

One-Stop Company for All Your Roofing Needs

At Harvey’s Five Star Roofing, we always strive to cater to as many clients as possible. Our team is more than qualified to take on residential and commercial roofing projects.

Whether you need to install a new roof or replace your existing one, we are here to extend our services.

Only the Highest Quality of Materials

To ensure we deliver excellent results, we only use materials from some of the best brands in the industry, such as Malarkey roofing products for all our projects. We can guarantee our clients that their roofing system will only be made with sustainable, high-performance shingles.

A Cut Above the Rest

When it comes to roofing services, you only deserve to partner with an experienced and reliable contractor. Harvey’s Five Star Roofing can be all that for you. We’re a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company.

Our team has taken all the training and certifications needed for professional roofing services. We guarantee you that when you hire us, your home or office will be in safe and expert hands.

Guaranteed Peace of Mind

We don’t only work to give you the highest quality and affordable solutions available on the market. Our team also wants to give each customer peace of mind when they hire us for their roofing projects. That’s why we offer our five star lifetime guarantee for every job that we take.

Our workmanship warranties last as long as you own your property. They even come with coverage for the inheritors of your residential or commercial building, ten years from the date of the roof installation. Aside from our existing offers, we also accept payments done through our customers’ insurance plans. For inquiries, you may get in touch with us through phone or email.

Roofing Solutions That Don’t Break the Bank

Most people tend to shy away from professional roofing services because of the high rates. However, one shouldn’t compromise the quality of their roofs because of budget constraints. At Harvey’s Five Star Roofing, we’re here to get you the top-notch solutions you need at fair prices.

When we take a new roof construction, reroofing, or repair project, we give our clients a free, detailed estimate. We list down all the costs involved so they’ll know what to expect before we start working on their property. Our team values the trust you put in us, so we want to be transparent with you throughout the time we’re working together.

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The roofing system is one of the most vital parts of any property. To make sure it serves its purpose of protecting your home or commercial building, it’s important to leave any installation, repairs, or replacements to the hands of trained professionals.

If you’re looking for cost-efficient, top-quality roofing solutions, feel free to reach out to us at Harvey’s Five Star Roofing today. Call us at (712) 832-3660. Our staff will be happy to attend to your needs.

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