Imagine relaxing at home, savoring your morning coffee; you suddenly notice a faint but persistent dripping sound. Upon investigation, you find water cascading down from your ceiling, signaling a potentially severe issue.

However, it doesn’t have to come to this scenario. By remaining vigilant for signs indicating the need for roof replacement, you can proactively address any vulnerabilities and protect your roofing in Sioux Falls, SD, from the damaging effects of moisture infiltration.

Here are five signs that scream, “It’s time for a new roof,” before things get too drippy.

1) The Shingles Are Playing Hide and Seek | Roofing in Sioux Falls, SD

Have you ever noticed that your roof seems to have a mind of its own? When your shingles start to curl, crack, or disappear, it can feel like they’re playing a game of hide and seek.

Those shingles battle the elements day in and day out. But when they start showing signs of wear and tear, it’s a warning sign that your roof’s defenses are weakening.

So, if you find shingles scattered across your yard more often than not, it might be a good idea to reach out to our roofing experts in Sioux Falls, SD. They can help ensure your roof is in top shape and ready to face whatever nature throws.

2) You Can See the Sky Through the Roof

Sure, having a skylight sounds fancy, but not when it’s unplanned and courtesy of your aging roof.

If beams of sunlight sneak into your attic through unexpected gaps, or if you can feel a gentle breeze indoors even when all windows are shut tight, it’s a sign that your roof’s structural integrity is compromised.

It’s time to nip that problem in the bud before your attic turns into the neighborhood’s newest indoor pool.

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3) Your Gutters Overflow Often

Gutters are critical to your roof’s drainage system, whisking away rainwater and debris to keep your home dry and cozy. But when they start overflowing with water, even on the sunniest days, it’s a clear sign that something’s amiss above.

Clogged gutters, often filled with granules from deteriorating shingles, can exacerbate the issue, creating a soggy mess.

4) Presence of Mold and Moss

If you spot patches of mold or moss taking root on your roof, it’s a sign that moisture has found a cozy spot to call home.

These unsightly green invaders can wreak havoc on your roof’s surface, causing decay and further moisture damage.

5) The Roof is Showing Its Age

If your roof is pushing the boundaries of its life expectancy – typically around 20-25 years for asphalt shingles – be ready for repairs.

Sure, your roof might still hold on, but do you want to push your luck? Don’t wait until your roof resembles a patchwork quilt of repairs – schedule that roof replacement before it’s too late.


Your roof shields you from the elements daily. So, if it’s showing signs of distress, don’t look the other way and hope for the best. By checking for these five red flags and calling the experts for roofing in Sioux Falls, SD – you can ensure your home stays cozy and dry.

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